If you're interested in contributing to the Enchanted Keyfinder then all are welcome! The more the merrier is the philosophy. Currently I need help getting the documentation aspect off the ground.
Unfortunately I can't figure out how to allow anonymous users to edit the Wiki so please contact sag47 and you will receive instructions for accessing the Wiki. All other interested contributors should also contact sag47.
All contributors will be attributed in the contributors page. Provide as much information as you can. Eventually this list will be included into the program itself.

Website problems?

If you find a problem with the website then send a message to sag47 with the details. Such as a spelling correction or a page error.

Need help?

If you need help then you should refer to the documentation page. Please do not contact us personally for help. Do not contact us about bugs or feature requests because we have a tracker for that.

Current Developers

SourceForge Userirc nickreal nameproject rolehomepage
mathfreak Daniel Charpentier developer
mmarx82 Marcus Stewart keyfinder.cfg homepage
assarbad Oliver Schneider developer homepage
syncfate Richard Hernandez translator/
ronjouch Ronan Jouchet website homepage
sag47 sag47 Sam Gleske project leader/
versionboy VersionBoy developer
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