This is a summary of the features and goals currently outlined in the project. This is something to keep the EK team on track but also so that you, as a user, understand where we wish to take this project. The first stable release, v0.2, will be released soon. You can read below and see what is currently missing from the stable version. The changes listed below the General Feature List are changes which have been made since Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder 2.0.8.

General Feature List

What is currently stable in the EK v0.1 Betas? (v0.1)

The logs settings are "stable" that is to say they don't do anything (they didn't in MJBKF 2.0.8) and they won't for the first stable release of EK v0.2.

What is unstable but will be finished for EK v0.2 Stable? (v0.2)

What are my current plans for the next unstable release? (v0.3)


I want to abstract the underlying code away from the UI. The previous developers did not do this very well. Right now it is very integrated. Once I have the code abstracted away then I can begin work on a Linux edition of Enchanted Keyfinder which is native to the Linux OS (and possibly a Mac native). I was thinking of doing it in Kylix but apparently it's difficult to get a hold of so I will check out other Pascal IDEs such as Lazarus.

Check back, this list will be updated as development continues.

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